New User Guide


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Registering as a new user

A “Realty” account is required for everyone who wants to have full access to our website.


1. Register as a new user on our website.

2. Complete the registration process by entering your Username, Email address, Password and click Register.

3. The username and password that you establish during the registration process are the only credentials you will need to login


After the registration, you will be redirected to the home page of our site. Now you can edit your profile by clicking the Profile button at the top of your browser.

Editing your profile

You can change your account password, email address, social contacts and other information

  • Tip: more ways to connect with you is always better


Submit your first property

There are two easy access buttons for submitting a new property. One of the top of your browser, and the big blue button.



By clicking one of the buttons you will open the page where you should add the information about your property.


Property details

Provide the information about your property.

  • Tip: We recommend you to fil all the fields with full and proper details.


 1. Property Title – Short and clear.

  • Example: Big House For Sale, Apartment For Rent, Commercial Land, etc.

2.  Address – When you set the address the location will be shown on the map.

3.  Property Description – Describe your property to be easy for understanding

4.  Type –  Important! Set the right type of the property ( if not, the property will be listed in the wrong category, therefore will not pop up right in search )

5.  Status –  Important! Set the right status of the property ( if not, the property will be listed in the wrong category, therefore will not pop up right in search )

6.  Main Location – Can happen that your location is not in the drop-down menu but this is not a problem to leave this field empty( or choose Any ), and our team will add your location depending on the address of the property that you provide in step 2.

7.  Bedrooms – Numbers of the bedroom of your property ( if the property is a land or some other type witch not including bedrooms, just leave the field empty )

8.  Bathrooms – Numbers of the bathrooms of your property ( if the property is a land or some other type witch not including bathrooms, just leave the field empty )

9.  Garages – Numbers of the garages of your property ( if the property is a land or some other type witch not including garages, just leave the field empty )

10.  Property ID – Leave this field empty ( the system will add automatically the property ID after submitting, depending on the property type )

11.  Sale or Rent Price – The price must to not include the money symbol, coma or dot in format: 100000 ( Format of the price like 12.000 or 12,000 will show price of 12 )

12.  Price Postfix Text – If you offer a property for rent or some other method of payment, you can fill the field with your own choice or leave it empty.

  • Example: Per Month, Per Room, Per Bed or depend on the property.

13.  Area – The size of your property ( we using Sq m as default measurement – look at next step)

14.  Area Postfix Text – Sq M is the default

15.  Virtual Tour Video URL – Provide virtual tour video URL. YouTube, Vimeo ( or leave empty )

16.  Aditional Details – If you want to include some  additional information ( with + you can add more fields )

17.  Features – Multi select for property features

18.  What to display in agent information box?

  • None – Contact Information will not be displayed on the property page
  • My profile information – Will be displayed your contact information
  • Display an agent’s information – If you want your property to be represented by some of our agents

19.  Message to the Reviewer – If you want to leave some message to your reviewers or leave empty


Uploading Pictures to Your Property

Realty stick on the best quality, therefore, we insist the pictures on the site to be on maximum quality without any watermarks and text on it. If the picture that you have including text with links to other sites they will be deleted! If you need help with the pictures do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

Drag and Drop the pictures or click the Select Images Buton to chose pictures from your computer or device

  • An image should have a minimum width of 770px and a minimum height of 386px. ( Realty recommend the minimum width to be 1024px and a minimum height of 768px )
  • You can mark an image as featured by clicking the star icon, Otherwise, the first image will be considered the featured image of your property.
  • You can Upload up to 30 pictures for each property

Double check all the provided information and then click the “Submit Property” button

Your property is already submitted but will have pending status until the payment to be provided!

Until August 1, 2019 “Realty” offer unlimited free listing!

( The property will be automatically posted without payment )